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About Vande Paliana

Vande Paliana is the cherry on top of any cake! It is so very difficult to find ethically, honest, hard working and genuine people in any workforce, but she has set all new levels of expectations at Sandbar Realty! A mom, investor, sister, best friend, animal lover and so much more, she will show you what it truly means to go above and beyond.

Joining Sandbar in 2022, Vande was and still is an avid property investor and flipper. Taking her skills to the next level, she is also the founding partner of Investor Island. Sandbar Realty's sister company that focuses on investment properties. She also is skilled in commercial real estate and is also in the process of partnering up with Sandbar Realty's owner and broker to undertake their next big task! Owning a Real Estate development company. Oh, and we can't fail to mention her team partnership as "The KaV Group" with Kira Sikes.

Both girls are on fire, and look forward to all of the many ways that they solve problems while thinking outside the box. Real Estate is no longer how it once was. If I were you, I would call these ladies, because as a team they can accomplish anything! ALL while keeping your best interests at heart!

I know Vande and as a team, they both are looking forward to meeting you soon!