Local Hero Savings Program

Who Qualifies for the Local's Lighthouse Savings Program?

Our heros come in all shapes and sizes, but each one of them plays a HUGE role in our daily lives and community. Below are just a few of our local heroes. We know there are an abundance of heroes in our community that deserve appreciation, and this list does not put a limit on those not listed. 

  • Firefighers (active, former or retired full time and volunteer fire fighters)
  • EMS (active, former or retured Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians/EMT's)
  • Law Enforcement (active, former or retired, all ranks of police officers, troopers, correctional officers, 911 dispatchers/operators, federal officers such as FBI, DEA, ICE, etc)
  • Military Armed Forces
    • U.S. ARMY: Active, Army Reserves, Army Veterans, Army National Guard
    • U.S. AIR FORCE: Active Air Force, Air Force Reserves, Air Force Veterans
    • U.S. NAVY: Active Navy, Navy Reserves, Navy Veterans
    • U.S. MARINE CORPS: Active Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserves, Marine Corps Veterans
    • U.S. COAST GUARD: Active Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserves, Coast Guard Veterans
    • SPACE FORCE: NASA Employees
  • Healthcare Professionals (actice, former, or retired Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistans, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practioners, Primar Care Nurses and all specialized nursing professionals, doctors and surgeons)
  • Teachers (active, former, or retured Early Childhood Educators, Primary/Elementary Teachers, Secondary Education Teachers, Post-Secondary Education Teachers and Professors, Adult and Continuing Education Teachers, Pre-School Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Counselors, Librarians and Administrators)
  • Church Employees (pastors, preachers, counselors, administrators, leadership etc.)
  • Service Logistics Employees (Postal workers, UPS, USPS, Fedex, Amazon, etc)

     Local Lighthouse Partners

We've partnered with several local companies that also offer discounts to assist our Local Heroes with buying, selling or refinancing their homes!

Here are a few additional offers that we can help you secure through our preferred vendors:

  • Discount Lending Fees on Purchases or Refinances with select preferred lenders.
  • Discount Closing Fees with select preferred closing & title companies.
  • Discount Home Inspections with select preferred home inspection companies.

To receive a list of vendors that offer discounts to Local Heroes, please fill out our contact form to request more information!